13 October 2012

Because I love churches

"Even though I reject most of the religious things I can't help but feeling for all those people that come here lost or in pain, guilt, looking for some kind of answers. It fascinates me how a single place can join so much pain and happiness for so many generations." - Celine, Before Sunrise

For many years, I'd been obsessed with going to churches. In Delhi, they weren't easy to find. I'm not sure where this obsession came from - perhaps a combination of my family's Christian roots and pretty scenes from Hollywood. This past year, I've stepped inside many beautiful ones, and here are my favorite pictures.

paris church 

Notre Dame, Paris 

vienna church 

Stephansdom, Vienna 

prague church 

Basilica of St. George, Prague 


St. Michael's Cathedral, Brussels 

heidelberg church 

Jesuitenkirche, Heidelberg 


St. Mary's Church, Berlin 


Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges


Nanya said...

What a gorgeous set of photos, Kriti! I love churches for this very reason :)

Anonymous said...


The Keeper of the Keys said...

"In Delhi, they weren't easy to find."

Just wait till you get back. You need to be hit on the head.

wild iris said...

Why? There are like 2 in Delhi.