30 July 2012

Week 44: Revisiting Before Sunrise

In Vienna, I was a flaneur with a map. I spent Sunday walking around trying to find as many of the memorable locations from Before Sunrise as possible, with each discovery making my heart beat faster. It was quite a feeling seeing them nearly 2 decades after the movie was shot.

Jesse: Do you believe in reincarnation?
Celine: Yeah. Yeah, it's interesting.

bs1 bsm1
Schottentor (tram)

Jesse: Do you wana go see if the listening booth still works?

bs2 bsm2
Alt & Neu. Still going strong, still famous, and CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. Boo.

Celine: That's the Danube over there.
Jesse: That's a river, right?

bs3 bsm3
Ferris wheel, Prater.

Fortune teller: You are stardust!

bs4 bsm4
Kleines Cafe. The umbrellas are gone, but the rest looks the same. The church next to it is beautiful.

Jesse: Well, I went to this Quaker wedding once, and it was fantastic. What they do is the couple comes in, and they kneel down in front of the whole congregation, and they just stare at each other. And nobody says a word unless they feel that God moves them to speak, or say something. And then after an hour or so, of just staring at each other, they're married. 
CĂ©line: That's beautiful. I like that.

bs5 bs6 bsm5
Maria am Gestade. The facade is the same though the surroundings are different, and the interior seems different also..

Jesse: You know how they say we're all each other's demons and angels? Well, she was literally a Botticelli angel, telling me everything would be okay. 

bs7 bs8 bsm61 bsm62
Cafe Sperl. Also closed, but looks EXACTLY the same, right down to the upholstery, chairs, tables and lights! (I peered in through the window).

Celine: But then the morning comes, and we turn back into pumpkins, right?

bs9 bsm7
Albertinaplatz. The prettiest part of Vienna.

Oh let not time deceive you, you cannot conquer time.

bs10 bsm8 
Statue of Franz Joseph, Albertinaplatz.

July 2012
Canon EOS 500D (and screenshots from the film)
Here's a fan video I made of the film and its sequel last year:


wet diamond said...

I just watched it, and it was so beautiful, I knew I had to come back to your post about it ^^ I'm annoyed at myself now for not having watched it sooner :P

wild iris said...

Glad you liked it, it's magical, isn't it? While being so real. Seen the sequel?

wet diamond said...

I know, that's just how I felt when I watched it :) nope, not yet, but now that I'm free that's the next movie I'll watch! Then I'll watch your video <3

shruti sud said...

Love this post! and simply love the 2 movies! Hunting down all those locations must have taken a lot of time and effort..well done!