07 February 2012

L is for Literature (1)

They moved it again!





Now isn't that pathetic?

I like how the signs say "Important Information". And "(Harry Potter)", because someone might be stupid enough to think it wasn't a real platform?

Also, new project alert! I just realised that when I was in Delhi, studying literature, I dreamed of all the literary landmarks I would see if I ever made it to London. Shamefully, though, I've been lazy and taken them for granted. I'm quite sure this project will drive me to visit and document them for others who might be interested! Very perfect.

You should really start with this post about the British Library, though.

King's Cross/St. Pancras
January 2012
Canon EOS 500D


» sahil said...

Do they do this regularly? Coz one of my friends visited it but it looked different from your previous photo.

wild iris said...

yes because they're doing construction work at King's X I think. It wasn't here when I first came. But i think after they finish, they'll put it back in it's original place between platforms 9 and 10. Hopefully.