18 December 2011

Week 12: One Week to Christmas

So I cheated a little and I'm posting this today instead of yesterday, because I haven't taken my camera out all week. It was a good week, nonetheless. Tonight, some of my flatmates and I went out for dinner and then roamed the streets for a bit. See for yourself:




Biiiiiig pancakes (and a bit of Courtney's hand). I think this was the most expensive meal I've eaten in London so far!


Somerset House and the beautiful tree




Trafalgar Square. We didn't like this tree even though it's so hyped. Apparently, it was donated by the Norwegians. Or so Andrew told me.

Holborn/Somerset House/Trafalgar Square
December 2011
Canon EOS 500D


Fawkes said...

Am jealous.... its not fair
Turns to Lost weasely : what are we doing for Xmas ?

The Keeper of the Keys said...

At Fawkes: We're having a ball.
(Psst: I've been keeperofthekeys since forever now)

wild iris said...

Haha, LostWeasley <3!!
Have fun, you two. Tell me what you do :)

ASO said...

They apparently donate one every year. Bless them! But as you mentioned, it didn't really make sense to cut a 100 year old tree to plop it in the middle of the Square.