27 December 2011

A Polaroid Christmas


The London Eye in gorgeous blue


Weihnachtsmarkt at Southbank



Carousel ("Horses for your pleasure")


The roast for our Christmas lunch


Mulled wine



The Lego tree at St. Pancras

Have a good Christmas?

Southbank/ Our flat/ St. Pancras
December 2011
Canon EOS 500D/ Poladroid


Fawkes said...

Horses for your pleasure ???? Meh !!!
*Gasp* A lego tree.... boo...want to see that !!!
Mulled wine !!??? Tell me you had some !!!!
London eye looks gorgeous indeed !!!

All in all, seems like you had a lovely xmas !!

hbaid said...

- my photo 1 came out better.
- you didn't label photo 2 as the dying place of bratwurstpig as promised.

wild iris said...

Sahana: Haha the horses thing was pointed out by Harsh, he has a dirty mind!
The tree is huge and you would have loved it! Look for more pics on my facebook album, I put them up yest..
I made the mulled wine! And had some, yes, but didn't love it :(

Harsh: No. And I never promised. Nyah nyah.

The Keeper of the Keys said...

*gasp* How on earth did I miss this?????????? :O
You should've told me!!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Love the first one and the carousel one. Print and send as postcards. To me.

wild iris said...

Haha thanks, and okay, I'll try :)