06 July 2011

Our Little Corner of the World - 2

Come along with me to my little corner of the world
Dream a little dream in my little corner of the world
You'll soon forget you're in any other place.





















1. Spade, the calf
2. Clover and clover leaves. Can you spot one with 4 leaves? I couldn't :(
3. Firewood
4. That's what I'm talkin' about!
5,6. Photos
7,8,9. Records
10. The clock made from a record, and Devlin the dog
11. Girl with the pearly white smile, which disappeared in front of the camera because I'm a terrible photographer; hazelnuts!
12. Dilapidated shack thing, some sort of shrine
13. New (fake) Converse
14. Snow view!
15, 16, 17, 18, 19. After the rain
20. THE house

June '11
Canon EOS 500D
Lyric from 'Our Little Corner of the World' by Yo La Tengo


Fawkes said...

Shit...now I really dont like you for leaving me behind..
Next time, Im coming along with you on your vacation-I dont care where it is, Im coming !

Oh ! BRILLIANT pics, by the way ! :)

Fawkes said...

Oh...btw, I have few things to tell you regarding both the sets of pics:
1) Put the captions with the pictures (It'll make more sense)

2)I LOVED 'China and Crockery' from the earlier set.... I'm saving it and using it as my wallpaper !!

3) 'Purple Starry things' are actually a varuety of Rhododendrons

4) Its not a temple - its a monastery !!! ;)

Love the pics !!

wild iris said...

One word. Goa. :p
The captions were an afterthought, heh. I put them in case anyone was interested enough to read, otherwise they kind of interrupt what I call the pictorial experience ;)
Should I send you a higher res of that pic for your wallpaper? :)
And no no, it's a temple, it's still being built, and for some reason it has a pagoda structure...foreign influence, perhaps?

Fawkes said...

well.... yeah, do send me the high res pic !! thank you :)

and put the captions next to the pics.... its annoying to have to scroll up and down !! THAT can destroy the experience now ....

Prateek said...

What was I doing harping on there when I should've been looking at this set all along? Purrfecto!

Feel like a glimpse into the life of a retired Hollywood star / 80s rock musician who's taken to his mountain escape.

wild iris said...

Haha, he isn't a movie star OR a musician, but pretty damn special nonetheless!
Thanks for all the feedback, Prateek :)

Kohl Eyed Nomad said...

I LOVE these vacation pictures :) They're so fresh!