04 July 2011

Our Little Corner of the World - 1





















1. Red flowers and clotheslines at Aut
2. His little green house
3. The tallest of the trees. And a nettle.
4. Wooden reflections (!)
5. China and crockery
6. Purple starry things
7. A hut and a stream
8. Tall and falling
9. Herd view
10. The temple
11. Inside the temple
12. Pinecone
13. Sheep near the school!
14. Wild iris (yes, that is where my nom de plume comes from) and iris leaf 'ladders'
15. A wooden plank, and more irises
16. Calf stare
17. Clover carpet
18. To the front door! (And a dog)
19. Flora
20. Sunset o'er the treetops

June '11
Canon EOS 500D kit


The Keeper of the Keys said...

Listen, I'm killing you and stealing your identity. (Its easy to be you, just act dumb)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Heidi land. :')

Also, do you expect people to count the number of the photo themselves?



The Keeper of the Keys said...

"His little green house"

<3 :')

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Oh, I always wondered what nettles actually looked like. Did you get stung? (Although, I've probably seen them before, never identified though)

Purple starry things, really? LOL.

Whose hut? *weeps*

Irises are pretty.

Cute calves.

Oh is that the dog that barked non stop? Its kinda nice!!??

Flora, really?

Ok, *hug*.

Sanchari said...

Kriti, these pictures are beautiful. Really. I want to go to this place! Where is it exactly?

Prateek said...

'The Temple', 'Herd View' and 'China and Crockery' shots are pretty amazing. What place is this?

My 2 cents: Good compilation, but a little more ruthlessness and restraint during editing might work wonders.

wild iris said...

@Keeper: Ehm, I'm not actually sure if it IS a nettle...I only know what they call it in Hindi!

@Sanchari: Thanks :) It's pretty inaccessible hah, unless you go with us, it's not a tourist spot or anything..

@Prateek: Thank you! And yes, I have issues with editing, sometimes I just can't tell if it's "just right", you know? Any particular shots you had a problem with/would like to suggest an improvement? That could really help me.

Prateek said...

@Kriti: I was referring more to the act of choosing which photos to publish rather than post-processing.

I've often found myself lowering standards for what passes as a "publishable photo" when working with my own pool of photos. It may be my original intention for a composition, the emotions of the situation under which it was shot, attachment with the subject, or one particularly awesome aspect of the photograph that blindsides the other not so good aspects.

Now I make a conscious effort to raise rather than lower that fine line.

It is hard (effectively) deleting something you've created yourself. Over time though, I've come to realise that what I don't publish has as strong an effect on my work as a creator as what I do publish. Just some food for thought.

wild iris said...

Ah, I see. Yep, I notice that you put up only a couple of pictures at a time, but I prefer to put up a selection (and trust me, it is a selection; even though it may look like I put everything there). For me, it's more about getting the viewer to actually be able to witness different aspects of, say, a place that most will be unable to visit. I don't think I can do justice to it with just a few pictures.
Of course, my perception of what passes as a good photo will differ from someone else's; as you said, there are personal motives involved sometimes. But that's precisely why this is a blog and not a website in which one would probably choose to give just an overview and variety rather than get really engaged with one particular subject.

Prateek said...

I so wanted to include a line like "this comes across more as a documentary than a gallery, which is fine if that's what you were going for" in that last comment. These photos definitely succeed in portraying a wide range of opportunities for the feel of the place instead of reducing it down to something singular.

Re: "and trust me, it is a selection; even though it may look like I put everything there", it doesn't, and I know :)

Re: "But that's precisely why this is a blog and not a website in which one would probably choose to give just an overview and variety rather than get really engaged with one particular subject." Yup, but I don't think that being selective and generating interest in a subject is a zero sum game.

Anyway, we're still at a nascent stage, learning as we play along. Keep them coming!

wild iris said...

That is what I was going for ;) Plus I do acknowledge that the fact that the place means a lot to me might have got in the way of my judgment during selection. Being selective definitely has its merits (I read the article you linked to) and I'll try to be more careful next time!

Kohl Eyed Nomad said...

Kriti! I like the way you put up many pictures. I love the feel of the whole place. Wish I did it more :P

Check this blog out, by the way. I think you'll like how rich it is :)


wild iris said...

Thanks, Nanya! That was the idea :) And I saw that blog, it's amazing. It's what I hope mine will be like someday!