21 July 2011

Not a goodbye

Long live the walls we crashed through
How the kingdom lights shine
Just for me and you

Long live the magic we made
And bring out all the pretenders, unafraid

Long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life
With you.

July '11
Canon EOS 500D
Lyric: "Long Live", Taylor Swift


Kohl Eyed Nomad said...

Ahhhhhh! Love love love the picture. Mad editing, I am in envy of.

It will never end.

wild iris said...

:) The lighting is pretty bleh, and I kind of wish I'd put all 6 books on the side...Photography is so time consuming! But you get the idea. Also this editing is really not fancy or difficult at all, I can tell you how :)

Anonymous said...

i'm praying that this is the end...so the movies end and this craziness ends...i still don't the facination of a loser wizard boy!

PS: just saying!

fawkes said...

very nice, man....... you could actually run a series with the pics you took at my house ! remember ??

wild iris said...

@Anonymous: Hello, who are you? Not really sure if I wanna know, considering you consider HP to be about a 'loser wizard boy' (!) The spirit lives on...no one's forcing you to join in though!
Thanks for stopping by =)

@Fawkes: Thanks! Which photos do you mean though? :O

fawkes said...

The ones i took of you with a book !!! remember ???

wild iris said...

Ah yesss!!