24 April 2011

Happy Easter!


April '11
Canon EOS 500D


Deb said...

Lovely pictures. Happy Easter to you too!

Nids said...

You're in loooove with agfa.

Prateek Rungta said...

Hmm. You should reconsider watermarking your images. It doesn't really prevent unauthorised use (heck I've seen photos being re-published with the watermark blacked out), but it does diminish the photo's glory.

wild iris said...

@Deb: Thanks and thanks!
@Nids: Only for this set, seemed to work so well. I don't think I've ever even used Afga before :O Usually it's cinema or cross process.
@Prateek: Totally agree, but I'm that insecure. :| I know if someone wants to use them they will anyway, but I like to hope they might get discouraged; and having it on the image at least makes it show up in a search, unlike just having it in the blog footer..

Prateek said...

Understandable. Same reason I started out watermarking my photos. We'll revisit this in a few years :)