10 March 2011

Free as a Bird

I wish I could be. I mean, how lucky are they? Not only do they get to just spread their wings and fly off, say, when they're offended, or just when they feel like it, but they also get to cross borders without Visas and passports.


Painted skies...

And they also get to do this. All day.

I wish I could.

1: Sony Cybershot DSC W55, Priya Complex, Delhi
2: Sony Cybershot DSC W55, Amer Fort, Jaipur
3: Canon EOS 500D (SOOC), Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
4: Canon EOS 500D (crop), Jurong Bird Park, Singapore


Kohl Eyed Nomad said...

I love the first picture! Into the sun pictures are so much fun :)

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Oooooh, Lets be birds.

Lucas said...

Wooh, commenting!

Would have loved the 2nd shot from a lower angle.

Is #1 postprocessed?

wild iris said...

@Kohl: They are, aren't they? xD

@Nids: Yeahhh, let's!!

@Luke: Yeah!

Me too, but the bridge got in the way :( I really like how the water caught the light in this nonetheless, not to mention the bird's super-flexible Yoga pose :O

I can't remember (really old photo) but I'm sure there were contrast/brightness adjustments.